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Have I mentioned lately how much I love Taylor Swift? Because I do. And her new CD leaked earlier, so I'm in a state of glee over it all. I think I like it even more than her first - which is vaguely scary, considering how much I listened to it. (in fact, I love her so much I actually ordered the CD, but Amazon says it won't be here until Thursday. Failll. Thank God for the internet when it comes to my musical whims.)

Plus, Charlotte Martin has a new EP out tomorrow! With "The Stalker Song", which I will never not be in love with.

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CHARLOTTE MARTIN! <3 Oh, man, can't wait to listen to her EP.

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i didn't even realize i was replying to your post with that comment!! i hope you didn't think i was being a bitch, haha. i have the album, but it's protected files. i really think you won't regret buying it though - i bought it from itunes and i'll be buying a physical copy too, haha.

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I love Taylor Swift so much too and I agree with you about her new CDs being even better than her first one. I think she's grown up a lot on this one actually. Some of my faves are "Tell Me Why" , "You Belong With Me", "Breathe" and "You're Not Sorry" but I love pretty much all of them. <3333

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Christine's always talking so much about you, so I was curious...and I saw this post...and had to comment.

I LOVE Taylor Swift. I just discovered her like a couple months ago. She's so talented.

Sorry if this was weird. :)
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Not weird at all! :) I've done the same thing a million times with people.

Taylor is AMAZING. I'm in awe of how great she is at songwriting, especially - if she's this good at 18, I can only imagine how she'll be ten years from now. And her songs are all so catchy and relatable!