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a few simple things before you add me:

i.] I don't like bashers of any kind. Ron, Ginny, Cho - anyone. Except maybe Snape. I hate Snape.
ii.] It'd be nice if we had at least a couple interests in common.

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hey! i love the bobby/kitty pairing too. i never liked rogue much.. and they look cuter together.. =) added you =)
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:) Cool! Bobby/Kitty ARE adorable, aren't they? [though I did like Rogue quite a lot in the first two movies - but noy the third.] You're friended in return!

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SO many ppl dont agree with me. but i stick by it. haha would LOVE for some good bobby/kitty icons

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[ profile] anythingbutgrey pointed me to your direction when I asked her about great H/Hr shippers, and you're automatically amazing for saying you don't like Cho-bashers because sigh, poor Cho. Hope you won't mind me adding you!
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Hi! I'm SO GLAD you like Cho, too. She and Cedric are just - guh. SO tragic, and I love her so much, and it drives me insane how so many people hate her for acting like a normal, distraught teenaged girl who's boyfriend had died.

... anyway, that was my mini rant. ;) I've added you back!

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I really, really, really wish that Cedric would somehow come back at least in spirit form or something, but we all know that's not going to happen. Yes, exactly! I was saying the other day that I really think Cho as a crybaby human hosepipe is such a misconception. The reader only sees what Harry sees because of the limited narration, and Cho happens to cry the few times that Harry sees Cho because a) she was provoked (Ron and the Tornados, Harry saying he's meeting Hermione, etc.) or b) Harry just simply can't understand why Cho wants to talk about Cedric all the time. I don't blame Harry (too much); after all, he's a teenage boy. But that really doesn't mean Cho deserves any hatred towards her from the fandom.

But haha yes, there's my not-so-mini rant. :D

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Hey! We used to be friends years ago (both under different usernames though), and I think when I changed journals we lost touch. I would love to be friends with you again. I'm friending you, hopefully you friend me back. :)
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I like how I was totally "... um, who is this?" until I looked at your profile and realized and went "OMG! It's Jenny!"! But of course; I'll friend you back in just a second! I do have to admit to one small thing I'm curious about, though - how did you findddd me?!

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through [ profile] anythingbutgrey, she linked you in her journal, lol. :)
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*grin* I figured it was Elyssa after I noticed we shared her!

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heyy, i see you like jasper/alice as well. they're totally awesome together. <33 and we have a few other similar interests too [hp, twilight, jdramas? lol] is it okay if i add you? ^^;;
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They really are. &hearts They've eaten my brain! And, sure, of course it's okay if you add me! I'm adding you back in just a sec.

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And I promise to never bash those HP characters (wouldn't anyway)....and I have just started watching the Doctor Who eps from 2005....definitely think I ship Nine/Rose....Please add me?
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Added! (or you will be in just a moment!)

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Yay! Thank you!

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Hey! This is Liz (aerilyn), I've changed names. Add me back on here?

Also, haha. I like your FO post. Snape is easy to hate, I say.
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Of course! Friended!

Snape is terrible. As such, most people who hate him win my love because so many people fangirl him to death!

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I'm a die-hared Caspian/Susan shipper and I want to discuss them with someone! Please friend me back?
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Sure! You're added. :)

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add me? Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables ♥
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Two very flail-worthy things! Added!

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Hi, I used to be hopeis_swift
add me again, please? :]
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Added! :)

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I feel like we should maybe be friends after we hijacked the crap out of Elyssa's page and revealed that we apparently have several fandoms in common, lol.

On the subject of Snape hate (since that seems to be a trend on this page), I love him, but I love him because he's such a skeezy, spiteful asshole. I don't get why everyone thinks he's such a fluffy bunny who just wants cuddles.
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I think this sounds like a good idea!

Hee. I admittedly hate Snape, but that's due to his fans that AREN'T like you - I've just come across lots of fans who feel he's just sweet, misunderstood, and ... basically not who he is. Especially when they also hate on James/Lily and try to say James is an abusive asshole who Lily never REALLY loved, because ... no. Just no.

Oops, and now I'm done ranting. I can get a little carried away!

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I feel like people somehow misread the last couple chaptrs of Deathly Hallows and missed the part where Snape was creepy and spiteful and sadistic even as a child, and that while he may have loved Lily-the-Mudblood she was obviously the exception. It wasn't like he was some OMG MIZUNDASTOOD character who did no wrong. I mean, sure, he was a victim of circumstance, but he did nothing to deal with that in any constructive way, and older!Snape was definitely just a total asshole, any way you look at it.

Also, James/Lily is awesome. It makes me sad how many people abandoned them after DH. D: Before I was writing stupid amounts of Doctor/Rose I was writing stupid amounts of Lily/James! lol


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I had a cat called snowfire.It should tell you something about me that I think this is basis for friendship.
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That you're possibly as strange as I am and therefore awesome?